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January 14-15 2021

Man needs color to live. It's just as necessary an element as fire or water.

-Fernand Leger

Join the 7th international Architectural Finishes Research Conference to be held virtually from January 14-15, 2021. The theme Colors and Textures of the world was chosen to represent all cultures that create our AFR community. Our vibrant members include paint analysts, architectural conservators, material scientists, scholars, decorative painters, architects and heritage managers from all over the world. 


Architectural Finishes Research (AFR) presentations will cover scientific research, the history of materials, color palettes over time, and historic uses of architectural finishes. 



The 7th International Architectural Finished Research Conference follows the legacy of six previous APR conferences: New York (2017) Stockholm (2014), Lincoln, England (2010), New York (2008), Copenhagen (2005), and London (2000).


For more details and to register please go to for a full schedule of lectures

and events taking place in our virtual venue

Conference Committee Members


Shay Farkash

Wall painting researcher & conservator

The chair of Icomos Israel's Scientific Committee on Mural Paintings

Prof. Mary Jablonski

President and Founder, Jablonski Building Conservation, Inc. New-York

Columbia University 

Jeff Greene

Chairman and Founder of 

Evergreene Architectural Arts

Prof. Ilia Rodov

Head of Department of Jewish Art, Bar Ilan University


Prof. Yuval Goren

Department of Bible, Archaeology & Ancient Near East, Ben Gurion University


Tamar Tuchler 

Manger of the Department of International Affairs &Tel Aviv Regional Director,

The Council for the Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel


David Bigeleisen

Wall Painting Conservator, Member of Israel society for the Conservation and Preservation of Cultural Property

Dr. Nirit Shalev-Khalifa

Curator, Manager of the Visual History Exhibition and Documentation Department, Yad Ben Zvi Institute Jerusalem

Mika Tal

Preservation Technology Laboratory Manager, Columbia University


Brooke Young Russell

Architectural Conservator, EverGreene Architectural Arts

Chen Brant

Researcher and Coordinator, of the ‘Israel Wall Art Survey’, Yad Ben-Zvi, Jerusalem

Ben Buchenbacher

Wall Painting & Plaster documentation specialist, Tchelet Studio, Lod, Israel

Jessica Zandani

Conference Coordinator

We thank our collaborators, sponsors and colleagues

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