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Schedule of Lectures

Day One:

Session one:  Historical Use of Architectural Finishes

Keynote Speaker- Helen Hughes-

‘It will be the colour of an apple’ – Problems in envisioning the colours of the past


Andrew Fearon and Liz Trumbull-

“A Prison’s Colored Past: Revealing the Paint History of a Cell at Eastern State Penitentiary”


Anna Kiegseisen-

The Colors of old Gdansk: Mannerist and Renaissance Polychrome Facades in Gdansk, Poland”


Session Two: Architectural Finishes in Sacred Spaces:

Emily Sottile-

“The Imperial Majesty, the Monks and the Moderns”


Tamar Shadmi-

“Preserving the Sacred Names: Dilemmas of Preserving Synagogue Wall Inscriptions Along Three Centuries”


Anneli Randia and Hikka Hiiop- “Catholic Murals in Protestant Churches in Estonia: To See or Not to See?”


Hee Sook Leeniinioja-  “(Un)Finished Architectural Ornamentation Transcends the Glory of the Ephemeral Earth to the Eternal Paradise in Islamic Sacred Spaces”


Session Three: Historic Materials of Architectural Finishes:

Lena Sharabi-

“A Royal Palette? On Colors and Pigments at the Reception Area of Herod’s Theater at Herodium”


Marta Raposo-

Behind Lisbon Pombalina: Survival and Change of Domestic Finishes and Decoration of Architectural Historic Ensembles


Mary Jablonski-“ Latex Paint: A Mid-Century Modern Coating with Little Respect”







Day Two:

Session one: Techniques of Architectural Finishes Research

Keynote Speaker: Jeff Greene-

“Glowing in the Dark: Black Light Murals and the Quandary of Using UV as a Conservator’s Diagnostic Tool”


Polly Westlake and Ana Maria Logreia-

“Fire Damaged Church: A Discussion About the Conservation and Presentation of it’s Wall Painting”


Vrinda Jariwala-

“Craftsmanship and its Conservation Case Example of Araaish, Rajasthan”


Session Two: Beyond Paint: Alternative Architectural Finishes


Stephanie Hoagland-

Signatures and Scribbles: Preservation and Conservation of Graffiti as an Architectural Finish”


Ziye Tang-

“ The Papers in Chinese Pasting”


Phillippa McDonnell-

“ The Peggy, The Cabin Room and the Mysterious Mention of Patent Green"

Session Three: Beyond Paint: Alternative Architectural Finishes

Karen Stone-

Sgraffito Conservation at the Historic New York City Theaters”


Or Aleksandrowicz-

Ornament in Disguise: Cultural Tensions in Exposed Concrete Application in Israel”


Santje Pander-

The UNESCO Press Room: Conserving Linoleum Surfaces”

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